Category is the New Strategy


To truly dominate your market, you need to create it. That’s what category designers do. It gives your customers and market a new way to think, to do business, and often solving a problem that people didn’t even know existed.

The strategy to cut through this volume of noise and choices, is category design: The Category is the New Strategy.

Acknowledging and based on the best selling book:


It’s not about “better”, it’s about a new way to look at a problem; it’s about differentiation. It’s about you introducing a new category or service, with an entirely new point of view. Category creation and evolution happens and evolves every day, all around us.


For every problem however, there may be hundreds of different approaches or permutations, enabled by cloud infrastructure and delivery options, lean start-ups, and ever-present networks and connectivity.


It’s not about disruption for disruption’s sake. The most exciting companies create their new realities to cut through the volume of noise and choices. The strategy is category design: The Category is the Strategy.

About Us

The Out-Position team has experience and a track-record that you can leverage and catalyse for your category strategy and design. Out-Position currently has consultants in Singapore, Australia, Germany and USA, and we are also part of a unique, global network of category designers. We also work closely with the Play Bigger Advisors team, and Out-Position founding members have worked with the Play Bigger team members since 1999.